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Extended Boat Warranty
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Insurance against breakdowns A boat is a major purchase, with multiple moving parts and components and as such, depending on which particular boat you are considering, can represent the potential for significant maintenance costs. While the manufacturer’s warranty will cover you, under their specific terms and conditions, for a certain time, what happens after that? And what if you purchase a used boat which is out of warranty? How can you get a warranty when purchasing a used boat from a private seller? There is an option to cover these situations, give you peace of mind of being able to cover unforeseen repairs in the event of mechanical breakdown – a great reassurance for many people. This is facilitated through purchasing extended warranty or Mechanical Breakdown Cover, an...
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Comprehensive Boat Insurance
Marine insurance considerations Marine insurance policies are available through many insurers directly, through mainstream general insurers, specialist marine insurance companies, marine insurance brokers and can be arrange through Jade Boat Loans in conjunction with your finance package. Whichever way you choose to purchase your insurance, the same guidelines apply and if you are financing your boat purchase through a company such as Jade Boat Loans, a certain level of insurance may be a condition of the finance. Get What You Pay For As with other insurance, new players are constantly turning up on the boat insurance scene, many offering low cost, budget policies. While many of these lower cost offerings will stack up well against more expensive policies from established insurers,...
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Boat Customisation or Costimisation?
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The true cost of adding accessories, extras and customising your boat However, customising may mean costimising with possible impacts on boat warranty, boat insurance, boat guarantees and both the cost of the accessory and your overall finance package. While you’re adding custom finishes to your boat you could be adding costs to your wallet. The Right Time to Accessorise If you select the accessories you want at the time of purchase, the cost of the extras can be included in your Jade Boat Loans deal. Giving you an all-up cost and suitable monthly repayments. Saving you dipping into cash funds to purchase items separately at a later stage. The purchase price of individual items may be less when included with the original boat sale, rather than as an after-sales purchase. The...
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Optimising Your Boat Warranty
Tips and hints on getting the most from your warranty When purchasing a new boat, the ‘deal’ or overall package offered may include a number of elements from the dealer or seller and the warranties is an important part to enhancing the quality of the overall package deal. So to compare deals on similar boats and compare boats you’re considering buying, don’t forget to take into consideration and compare the details in the warranties. You want to make sure you have the warranties which suit you and present the most attractive overall purchase package. And most importantly, be aware of your obligations in meeting the terms and conditions of the warranty. New Boat Finance Warranty Details Here’s a few points on what to look for and consider with new boat warranties. While you have...
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Fi-Glass Ski Angler
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Product Showcase: Fi-Glass Ski Angler Versatile design, quality build The Fi-Glass Ski Angler is a compact monohull, fibreglass trailerboat, designed for fishing, skiing, diving or as a small family runabout. The Ski Angler is from New Zealand manufacturer, Fi-Glass, which is one of the Nz’s largest manufacturers of trailerable fibreglass boats. Versatility and Style The Ski Angler has 4.75m length, a 2m beam, draws 0.65m draft and has capacity for five people. The hull is in keeping with the Fi-Glass range and has scalloped topsides, gullwing design and stylish transom with moulded jump seats and anchor locker moulded into the foredeck. To qualify for CPC compliancy in regard to buoyancy, the cockpit sole is foam-filled. The ergonomically positioned centre console has a...