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Using a experienced boat loan broker, Jade secures easy same day marine approvals with cheap and competitive interest rates.

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Why Use Jade Marine Specialists

Why should you use Jade

Each month Jade provide in excess of 40 million dollars per month in home, marine, motorbike, truck and equipment finance all through Australia. Have a qualified professional broker which will look after your marine loan from approval to settlement. With individual one-on-one service you will be provided with among the best finance to be found which includes a extremely fast process.

Why be limited by simply leasing and consumer financial options that your bank provides you with.

Have those questions you should know answered.

Our company determine financiers approval criteria and income benchmarks before the application will be submitted.

A easy fast approved as fast as 20 minutes!

This is a job we do on a daily basis!

We can assist people who have bad credit. We work as a mediator between you and the finance companies.

Sourcing The Best Rates and Packages

A market trained Jade consultant will provide you with all guidance you require with easy steps to a easy cheap loan package experience. With millions of dollars in lending organised at Jade every month we understands banks, their best interest rates, how they approve. and we do all the work for you!

Understand the different banks and lenders,

Their best interest rates,

The way they approve or "lending criteria" for each financier,

And we do all the work for you!

We are a well established leader in marine lending for cheap boat loans with numerous customers often return to use our services again. View
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Berthing and Mooring Costs

Where you are going to moor, berth or store your boat is an issue we advise buyers to consider at the time of purchase.

For trailer boats, you need to consider if you can park your trailer either on your own property or if it is legal to park the trailer on the street. Alternatively, some people choose to rent storage in commercial storage vehicles. Both under-cover and open facilities are available and worth considering.

Berthing costs vary widely from marina to marina, depending on location, quality of facilities and the size of the boat. A phone around your marinas of choice will reveal costs and availability in your area.

Moorings offer a less expensive alternative to a marina berth but come with downsides. You will require a means of getting from shore to your mooring, which may mean investing in a dinghy if the marina does not have a service. Also, moorings in are often in short supply on some waterways and you may have to go on a waiting list.

Dry storage is available in some areas and is a great option for some owners. Consider the cost against what you will save in hull maintenance and anti fouling. You will need to be organised enough to phone ahead to have the operators take your boat out of storage and placed in the water when you want to use it and you will have to arrange some form of berthing or anchorage while using it.

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