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Welcome to our free online to use when you wish. Please remember when using this tool the calculation does not represent or indicate any offer for a loan quote or approval. The amount you put in for the financed amount will not account for any additional fees that banks and lenders do charge sometimes. Remember to allow extra in the amount finance for any options you might need like comprehensive insurance, extended warranty, on road costs.

Interest Rates

What rate do you use? Yet to talked to Jade yet for a quick quote?

Jade Boat Loans is a nationwide high volume loan broker. We compare the market with over 40+ lenders and 400+ loan products available. We do not get beaten on cheap finance rates guaranteed!

A quick quote request do not imply or allow for any credit checks nor does it commit you to taking any loan offer.

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Loan Term

The most popular term of loan used is 5yrs. Some financiers do offer a 7yr term but can be reduced for used boats depending on the age. Please note also balloon payments are not accepted on terms above 5yrs.

Looking at second hand purchase?

Take advantage of the expertise from our marine team. Jade Marine Consultant will happy to guide you on what terms are available and suited around the vessel(s) you are considering.

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Balloon Or Final Payment

When using balloon payments it will reduce your payments. The balloon will be due at the end of the loan term, at which you can pay this out in full, request it be refinanced or deducted off a trade value if trading on a new model. Please be aware your payments do include interest charged on the balloon, but no principle component.

Some lenders will offer up to 40% but be careful what you use. The age of the goods, amount you are borrowing, your asset strength and which lender all can effect what percentage can be offered with finance approval.

What Percentage Balloon Do I Use?

Make a quick call to Jade 1300 000 003. Ask our consultants as many questions you would like! Our marine team have years of experience and deal with boat finance lenders every day. They work for you not the finance companies. If you need something a little different in loan structure let us know. Take the guess work out of all the calculations!

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