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Secured cheap boat finance available for private boat sales from Jade Boat Loans. Australia wide marine finance specialist Jade. Request a boat loans quote online or call us today for a personalised financing package.

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Private Boat Sales Financing Available

Buying your ideal marine craft from the private boat sales market? Need assistance with finance options. Call Jade today. Our marine specialists are well experienced and will not only source marine loan approvals but also assist in the process of sale from seller to buyer.

Jade Boat Loans we can assist you with cheap financing options with private boat sales in all states of Australia.

We assist you in your boat loans process with:

Ensuring title ownership of the seller is correct.

Invoice of sale is generated confirming purchase price

Checks to ensure the goods are not stolen and are encumberance free (subject to state of registration)

For more information on buying a new boat

The process is easy with Jade Boat Loans. Your personal Jade consultant will be able to provide you with:

Choice of lenders and low boat loan interest rate options better than the banks

Terms up to 60 months

Balloon options

Easy flexible payment terms

Fast approval and settlement

Older Boats OK

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