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Following the fluctuations in interest rates, discussing financial markets, keeping an eye on exchange rates, the housing and assets markets have become popular Australian fixations.

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Whether for business, personal or recreational marine loans, check your current interest rates, you might be paying to much.

So while you are relaxing on your leisure craft, sailing a great breeze on your yacht, transporting passengers on your charter vessel or working the waterways with your commercial vessel, your thoughts will probably turn to your current boat finance arrangements and you ask yourself – is it perhaps a good time to look at boat refinance?

Residual Boat Refinance

Perhaps you are nearing the end of a loan term and are looking to refinance the residual.

Compare Lower Interest Rates

Perhaps you took out the loan at an interest rate peak and are looking for a cheaper loan option.

Refinancing For Cheap Repayments

Perhaps you are circumstance have changed and you would like to vary the monthly repayments on your boat loan.

Whatever is your particular reason, Jade will assist you with a great deal on a boat refinance option. We have the experience and the know how to refinance all types of marine craft : luxury cruisers, family and fishing runabouts, jet skis, dinghies, yachts and sailboat loans of all sizes as well as charter and commercial vessels. We make Refinancing Easy!

From your initial call you will realise that our finance brokers know what they are talking about, they know finance and they know boats and they are committed to getting you the cheapest and greatest boat refinance deal possible easily!

Your personal Boat finance broker has access to a wide range of lending products and they will know what is best suited to your particular circumstances and your particular boat. We can get you a quote on both personal and commercial finance options quickly. We will structure your loan application to ensure the best deal and fast loan approval so you can start appreciating the rewards of refinancing through Jade as soon as possible.

Great Rates, Great Deals, Great Refinancing

As part of a highly respected financial services group, which handles millions of dollars worth of loans every month, Jade Boat Loans knows how the banks and lending institutions operate and we know how to get the best out of them, for you!

Our consulatants not only have the knowledge and experience, they are also skilled negotiators who will broker you a great refinancing deal for your boat.
If you want lower boat finance rates and it is out there we will find it for you.
If you want lower monthly repayments to ease your budget, we will structure your refinancing to suit.
If you want to refinance the residual on an existing commercial loan product, we will present you with an attractive package to suit your cashflow.
If you just want a better deal on your personal marine loan, we will negotiate one for you.

Some banks are restricted by their corporate rules and do not have the flexibility that Jade has available to them. We have greater flexibility to assist a greater range of people, including those with bad credit boat finance, to finance a greater range of marine craft and offer a great range of options.


While you are on your boat, at home, day or night, you can use our finance calculator to get an immediate estimate on refinancing your current loan. Then give us a call and we will get your refinancing deal under way and then handle all the details for you, including dealing with your existing lender to transfer the loan. No need to be at the mercy of the financial tides, call Jade now and ask for boat refinance and ride the wave to your financial destination.

Call Jade 1300 000 003 and start the refinancing conversation

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