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Buying Your New Boat - Jade Boat Loans

If you are an average Australian boat owner the cost matters a lot. Owning a boat always comes down to the cost of financing insurance and such. You need to know the expense involved when figuring out what your new vessel will cost you. This should however not deter you from purchasing your dream boat. Getting boat finance and sailing your vessel need not be a forever large finance expense if you purchase correctly.

Marine Equipment

Make sure all the bells and whistle of your new craft are in pristine condition. Make sure everything that is necessary is available. Check both safety and navigation equipment. You boat should also offer a comfortable ride. Make sure there are no inexplicable noises and temperamental engine components.
If you are unsure of the condition of the boat, Jade Boat Loans recommends that you look at a marine survey.

Water Craft Running Costs

If you are a water sports fan and spend allot of time in the water, the fuel costs are likely to be high. If not, running your boat will not cost as much. Your vessel might be a yacht. Any use of the motor will only be for navigation or in case there is no wind. Fuel costs in this case are negligible. Before purchasing a vessel, check out its fuel consumption. Do not buy anything your that you might find to expensive to run.

Boat Maintenance

This can be a costly affair. You can however do a lot of the work yourself. Keep your boat in tiptop shape. Wash your hull and engine out in fresh water every time you take your vessel out for a spin. Keep it covered when you are not using it. It is simple but effective. You completely avoid expensive maintenance work down the line. Like a car remember regular servicing will assist avoiding nasty mechanical breakdowns.
Jade Boat Loans offers options for mechanical breakdown marine warranties covering you in some cases of mechanical breakdown.


This depends largely on the size of your vessel. If it is only a trailer boat you can park in your drive way. A lot of marinas have moorings to lease, purchase, or rent. If you intend to go boating frequently think of investing in permanent mooring or renting a berth.

Boat Insurance

Several factors affect the premiums you have to pay on your boat. These include its cost, type length and age. You can consult different boat insurance companies to get the best deal.

Boat Financing

Of course you need to buy the boat before worrying about all the other costs. If you do not have a bundle of cash lying around do not worry. Just give us a call and Jade Boat Loans will provide you with competitive cheap boat loans options.


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