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22 Mar

Boat Loans on a Budget

Boating can be perceived by outsiders as aspirational, expensive and in some instances elitist. But those of us that are work.. Read more

18 Mar

Boat Loan Package Options

When buying a boat some buyers are buying just that - a boat. For others however the purchase involves more than 'just a boat.. Read more

26 Feb

Seeing Double at Makocraft

The 2021 model Canyon Console from Makocraft is noted in reviews for many of its performance features but one aspect especial.. Read more

8 Feb

Riviera’s Big Reveal

When it comes to top of the range you can't get much better than Riviera. Australia's very own luxury motor cruiser maker tha.. Read more

5 Feb

Lender Update: February 2021

As the business phase of 2021 gets underway, we thought it timely to bring you an update on the lending scene in regard to bo.. Read more

21 Jan

Big Boat Show News

While we've posted an article of dates for many of the smaller caravan, outdoor and boating shows for 2021, we can now reveal.. Read more

16 Jan

Jade 2021 Boat Loan Guide

Due to the limitations and restrictions caused by coronavirus in 2020, interest in boating has grown significantly with more .. Read more

8 Dec

Marine Police Waterways Blitz

With the launch of the summer boating season, water police in several states have initiated a blitz across their jurisdiction.. Read more

5 Dec

Go Savage this Summer!

Why not enjoy this boating season and many more ahead in a new boat from the Savage range. The brand lays claim to being the .. Read more

27 Nov

Bad Credit Boat Loans

People can find themselves in the 'bad credit' category for many reasons and this can prevent them from achieving quality loa.. Read more

20 Nov

Getting into Fishing

A new boating season, especially in the COVID-19 era signals a busy time on the water. Reports of massive queues and long wai.. Read more

10 Nov

Rate Cuts Making Waves

If you weren't making your selection for the Melbourne Cup, around early afternoon on Tuesday 3 November, you may have been a.. Read more

24 Oct

Head Inland For Great Boating

With the big push by numerous tourist authorities to holiday at home we're focussing on some of the great inland waterways th.. Read more

19 Oct

Tax Cuts and Your Boat Loan

Like many financial industry professionals, we were fairly quick to publish an article on the main components of the 2020/21 .. Read more

12 Oct

Boating on a Budget (tax cut)

The Federal Treasurer brought down the annual Federal Budget for 2020/21 on 6 October with most of the key moves pre-empted i.. Read more

13 Aug

Cheap Staycation Boat Loans

As a major lender in the marine lending market, Jade Boat Loans stays across what's happening in many areas of the boating in.. Read more

18 Jul

Insuring Your New Boat

Your boat is a major purchase, a treasured possession and an asset that you want to look after. Insurance is a major consider.. Read more

22 Jun

Virtual Boat Showcase 2020

It’s mid-year, winter – for keen boaties that means a very important time of year. Boat Show Time! But not in 2020. Due t.. Read more

22 Jun

Second Chance Boat Loans

If you’ve been unsuccessful in securing a boat loan from a bank or finance company during the coronavirus crisis, Jade Boat.. Read more

cheap boat loan - boat finance calculator
11 Jun

Cheap Charter Boat Finance

The tourism industry has taken a massive hit from the coronavirus pandemic and the charter boat sector especially is looking .. Read more

Power Boats at Gold Coast Boat Sales
4 Jun

Gold Coast Boat Sales

If you are serious about buying a boat then you head to a boating mecca. In Queensland, that has to be Gold Coast and in part.. Read more

Malibu Ski Boat Facts
28 May

Melbourne Malibu

If you’re in the market for a fast, sports boat for fun and excitement you can’t go past Melbourne Malibu for your vessel.. Read more

Fishing Boat Loans
28 May

JV Marine World

If you’re in the market for a power boat, jet ski or any boating accessories and you want the best prices on the best brand.. Read more

boat loans rates Australia
12 May

COVID-Safe Boating

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives and that includes our boating time.  Initially being safe mea.. Read more

23 Apr

Time For A Fishing Boat Loan

Get ready for a post-lockdown launch: popular fishing boats If there was one standout upside of the coronavirus lockdown, it.. Read more

16 Apr

Refinance your boat loan

The coronavirus pandemic has just about everyone reviewing their financial situation as both business and personal incomes .. Read more

New Boat Loans
25 Jul

Paying for Your Boat

Paying for Your Boat Pros and cons of paying cash or a boat loan Buying a boat is a major decision for most people. Even a .. Read more

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