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13 Aug

Cheap Staycation Boat Loans

As a major lender in the marine lending market, Jade Boat Loans stays across what's happening in many areas of the boating in.. Read more

18 Jul

Insuring Your New Boat

Your boat is a major purchase, a treasured possession and an asset that you want to look after. Insurance is a major consider.. Read more

22 Jun

Virtual Boat Showcase 2020

It’s mid-year, winter – for keen boaties that means a very important time of year. Boat Show Time! But not in 2020. Due t.. Read more

22 Jun

Second Chance Boat Loans

If you’ve been unsuccessful in securing a boat loan from a bank or finance company during the coronavirus crisis, Jade Boat.. Read more

cheap boat loan - boat finance calculator
11 Jun

Cheap Charter Boat Finance

The tourism industry has taken a massive hit from the coronavirus pandemic and the charter boat sector especially is looking .. Read more

Power Boats at Gold Coast Boat Sales
4 Jun

Gold Coast Boat Sales

If you are serious about buying a boat then you head to a boating mecca. In Queensland, that has to be Gold Coast and in part.. Read more

Malibu Ski Boat Facts
28 May

Melbourne Malibu

If you’re in the market for a fast, sports boat for fun and excitement you can’t go past Melbourne Malibu for your vessel.. Read more

Fishing Boat Loans
28 May

JV Marine World

If you’re in the market for a power boat, jet ski or any boating accessories and you want the best prices on the best brand.. Read more

boat loans rates Australia
12 May

COVID-Safe Boating

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives and that includes our boating time.  Initially being safe mea.. Read more

23 Apr

Time For A Fishing Boat Loan

Get ready for a post-lockdown launch: popular fishing boats If there was one standout upside of the coronavirus lockdown, it.. Read more

16 Apr

Refinance your boat loan

The coronavirus pandemic has just about everyone reviewing their financial situation as both business and personal incomes .. Read more

12 Aug

Better Caravan Finance

At Jade Caravan Finance we can offer better loans because we hitch our packages to better rates. We have the expertise, resou.. Read more

New Boat Loans
25 Jul

Paying for Your Boat

Paying for Your Boat Pros and cons of paying cash or a boat loan Buying a boat is a major decision for most people. Even a .. Read more

Fishing Boat Loans
20 Jul

Anchor Your Boat Loan

Deal with a broker, or broker with a dealer When it comes to buying perhaps the boat of your dreams, most people will need a.. Read more

Warranties For Sale
16 Jul

Boat Warranties That Work

Overview of boat warranties Warranty, guarantee, our promise – these terms often appear in advertising and marketing for.. Read more

Online Marine Loan
1 Jul

Fi-Glass Ski Angler

Product Showcase: Fi-Glass Ski Angler Versatile design, quality build The Fi-Glass Ski Angler is a compact monohull, fibreg.. Read more

Cheap Boat Finance
1 Jul

Hanse 455 Sailboat Preview

Product Showcase: Hanse 455 German efficiency, style and comfort Named boat of the year in many countries, the Hanse 455 of.. Read more

Marine Financing
1 Jul

Horizon V72

Product Showcase: Horizon V72 Luxury motoryacht for ultimate cruising If your budget is as extensive as your dreams, the Ho.. Read more

Ski Boat Financing
1 Jul

Pavati AL-24 Wake Boat

Product Showcase: Innovative aluminium design now in Australia The innovative Pavati AL-Series wake boats are now available.. Read more

Boat Finance Rates
1 Jul

Reflex Chianti 635

Product Showcase: Reflex Chianti 635 Spacious, well-priced half cabin The Reflex Chianti 635 is a spacious, full beam half .. Read more

Aussie Boat Loans
1 Jul

Scarab 195 HO

Product Showcase: Scarab 195 HO Thrilling but sensible ride In the heady 80s the Scarab was synonymous with wealth and extr.. Read more

Fishing Boat Loans
28 Jun

Savage 485 Bay Cruiser

Nimble, easy to handle cabin cruiser In a country girt by sea and with boundless inland waterways, many of the population de.. Read more

Boat Marine Lease
31 Oct

Product Showcase: Hanse 455

German efficiency, style and comfort Named boat of the year in many countries, the Hanse 455 offers outstanding performance .. Read more

Boat Financing Australia
31 Oct

Brisbane Boat Shows & Expos

Rundown on major events Boat shows and expos offer boating enthusiasts and newcomers, a sensational opportunity to check out.. Read more

Yacht Finance - Sailboat Loans
31 Oct

Mandurah Boat Show, WA

Then when you’re ready to purchase, speak to a Jade Boat Finance Consultant to organise your boat loans perth. Why not spea.. Read more

get boat finance online
31 Oct

Melbourne Boat Show

WHEN:17-20 June, 2016 WHERE: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre Boat shows offer boating enthusiasts, fishing fanat.. Read more

30 Oct

Club Marine Boat Insurance

Jade Boat Loans endeavors to provide correct information on your boating finance and insurance. The following does not indica.. Read more

Boat Licence
30 Oct

Eqifax Credit Report

This is just a brief overview of understanding a Veda Report but if you would like to discuss this topic further, please refe.. Read more

Best Jet Ski Finance
12 Oct

Used Jet Ski For Sale

Jade Boat Loans General Information On Jet Ski Finance and sales In the summer of 97, my sister and I escaped the frigid kis.. Read more

Seadoo Jet ski Loans
11 Oct

Jet Ski Etiquette

One of the best parts about the summer is enjoying the beach and partaking in a number of different water sports. Every year,.. Read more

boat sales and boat finance
11 Oct

Boat Sales – Boat Finance

You need a boat sales company that is highly knowledgeable on boating and has several kinds of boats to choose from. They sho.. Read more

Yamaha Boat Finance
10 Oct

Yamaha Boat Finance

The name Yamaha is synonymous with performance! As manufacturers of motor bikes, ATVs, outboards, watercraft and a whole lot .. Read more

Boat Finance Broker
10 Oct

Pepper Financial Services

As a specialist marine finance broker, Jade Boat Loans has access to over 40 bank and non-bank lenders, representing around 5.. Read more

cheap boat loan - boat finance calculator
10 Oct

Online Sales Websites

Boat sales websites offer more than just an online brochure Astute boat buyers are taking advantage of the convenience of bo.. Read more

Luxury Cruiser Boat Finance
10 Oct

Luxury Cruiser Sales Tips

When looking for luxury cruisers for sale, it is important that you have some idea what you are looking for. We are not all R.. Read more

Fishing Boat Loans From Jade Finance
10 Oct

Fishing Boat Sales Tips

When you are looking for fishing boats for sale, you have a lot of work to do prior to actually attending any sales that you .. Read more

Jet Ski Loans Australia
10 Oct

Yamaha VX 110 Jet Ski

Yamaha are famous for their innovation in the world of personal watercraft – they developed nanotechnology for their hulls .. Read more

ski boat
10 Oct

Ski Boats For Sale

When most people looking for ski boats for sale reach a boat yard, one of three things will happen: they don't see anything a.. Read more

boat shows and marine finance
10 Oct

Nautilus Insurance

Boat insurance will eventually protect your boat in case of a natural disaster. If you possess a boat then you must possibly .. Read more

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