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Yamaha Boat Finance

The name Yamaha is synonymous with performance! As manufacturers of motor bikes, ATVs, outboards, watercraft and a whole lot more, Yamaha is known the world over and for bike and boat enthusiasts especially, it is a name that revs your heart.
What is less known, is that the company has a finance division, Yamaha Motor Finance and Australia Marine Finance, through which the company offers loans and finances through their dealers and through boat finance brokers like Jade Boat Loans.
As a boat loan broker, Jade Boat Loans is accredited with a large number of lenders, both bank and non-bank lenders, from which to choose the best loan for you and your boat.
High Performance Lender
Jade Boat Loans utilises Australia Marine Finance as a non-bank lender and if we present a loan offer to you from this lender, you can be assured it is a high performance finance product.
Yamaha have been providing innovative leisure products in the Australian market for over 50 years and the Australia Marine Finance division is a 100% owned subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Australia Pty Ltd. Your assurance that you are dealing with a quality, highly reputable company.
The finance division was formed with philosophy of wanting Yamaha customers to get to enjoy their exciting Yamaha products sooner, by providing loan and finance services through its network of dealers. This network has been expanded to included brokers such as Jade Boat Loans.
Yamaha provide a range of loan and finance solutions to suit both private purchasers and businesses and you don’t have to buy a Yamaha product to enjoy the benefits of an Australia Marine Finance loan. Loans and finance deals through this lender are available for all types of boat purchases.
Flexible Loan Products
Their loan products offer flexible repayment terms, from 24 to 60 months and your Jade representative will discuss with you, what best suits your particular circumstances.
Yamaha Motor Finance and Australia Marine Finance loan products are available for all types of boats plus motor bikes, outboard engines, motor scooters, ATVs, golf carts, waverunners and other PWCs and power products.
Comprehensive Range of Services
Yamaha know that their customers care about their products, so they also offer Yamaha Marine Insurance, which enables customers to take advantage of the great benefits offered under the Yamaha company banner.
Yamaha Marine Insurance is factory backed and for owners of Yamaha products there are many benefits including only genuine Yamaha parts used in repairs; agreed value for hull, motor, trailer, equipment and accessories; no theft excess if the product is fitted with Yamaha DNA anti-theft technology.
Yamaha has proven itself as a true performer on the world motor and marine scene. An innovative company that truly cares about its customers and strives to continue to bring exciting new leisure products to market to meet their needs.
Australia Marine Finance is a great non-bank lending partner due to their innovative attitude, customer friendly approach and their performance over many years in the Australian marine finance sector. For more on Yamaha you can visit their company website

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