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As Australia’s major city and international gateway and home to arguably the most famous harbour in the world, it is not surprising that Sydney is our largest market segment for boat loans and marine finance. Jade Boat Loans has been providing effective, workable and flexible marine finance to our Sydney-based customers for several decades and our base continues to grow strongly.

For many Sydney-siders, boating is an essential part of their lifestyle and many more aspire to own a watercraft take advantage of the fun that the natural waterways offer. The city boasts some of the finest marina facilities available, extensive inshore waterways and bays along the coast and easy access to offshore fishing grounds and ideal winds for sailing.

We make boating even more accessible for more Sydney-siders with our versatile and broad ranging selection of watercraft loans based on our cheap boat finance interest rates. Interest rates drive loans and our crafty consultants use their negotiating skills to drive rates down for our customers.

As Australia’s largest finance hub, Sydney is home to all the big names in financial services and we are accredited with most of them. It is this vast accreditation base that provides us with the wider choice to source the best loans. By engaging Jade to source your watercraft loan you have access to all these lenders through the one contact. Simplifying and streamlining the marine loan process and assuring you that the offer we present you, is the best available.

We are an experienced finance company, providing the full range of personal watercraft finance and marine financial packages for the purchase of all types of boats. New and used boat finance, purchased from a marine builder, dealer, boat yard, private seller or at auction.

An essential part of our service is assisting boat buyers with pre-purchase boat checks, encumbrances, interstate issues, registration and advising in regard to insurance.

Whether you’re buying a small sail boat to sail around the harbour, a luxury cruiser to venture offshore, a working vessel to ply the waterways, a yacht to compete or relax, a dive boat to take visitors to secret bays, a private or commercial fishing vessel for offshore or inland waterways…whatever watercraft you are purchasing, we can assist with a great loan.

Speak with a Jade Consultant to discuss a financing solution for your boat purchase. Call 1300 000 003

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Boat Finance Sydney FAQs

Purchasing a boat can be an exciting and a daunting experience. There are many makes and models to assess for suitability to individual boating activity preferences and for many the price will be a determining factor in the purchase decision. The price or more specifically affordability is reflected in the boat loan which is achieved. That is also a major life decision and we provide assistance to buyers on many levels including with information and answers to specific questions. Please feel free to direct any additional questions to our team at 1300 000 003

Is insurance required when taking out boat loans in Sydney?   

Yes. When goods are acquired with secured finance, lenders require that they be covered by insurance. That includes the marine sector. The most popular forms of marine finance are secured loans and that involves the vessel being provided as security for the lender against the funds loaned. The lender will want to be assured that the security is covered in the event of theft or damage and that is why insurance is required. Marine insurance is available through a range of insurers including specialists in the field. Insurance policies vary greatly in regard to what is and is not covered in the policy. Buyers can confirm what the lender requires in their specific policy. Buyers should read the fine print carefully to ensure the coverage suits the waterways they will use, the purposes, the people and what items on the vessel are and are not covered.

Is boat finance available in Sydney for private sales?   

Yes. Finance is available for marine vessels purchased through a range of channels including direct from a manufacturer or builder, from an authorised dealer, through a marine broker and directly from a private seller. Many private sellers advertise through online selling platforms and buyers should be aware of online buying best practices so as to avoid falling victim to scams and fraudulent activities. The same range of loan facilities are available regardless of seller. Private sales would usually mean second-hand goods and the lending conditions and pricing may vary from financing available for new goods. In buying privately, buyers should also check ID of the seller, verify ownership and ensure the vessel is not being sold under finance. When using a finance broker style lender, many of these details may be attended to by the lender.

What package deal loan deals for boats Sydney are available?   

A package deal traditionally includes a vessel, the outboard motor and the trailer or the vessel and the trailer. These deals can be offered by marine dealers and private sellers. A combination deal offered through an authorised dealer can often represent good value for money as the dealer will often have an arrangement with the vessel and the trailer supplier and be able to purchase both at a good price. The entire package can be included in a finance deal. The loan may be sourced for 100% of the purchase price which means no deposit is payable by the buyer. No down payment required. The same interest rate and lending specifications should apply for vessel only or package deal loans.

With finance of boats Sydney, can I take the boat out of the designated mooring location?   

Where a watercraft will be moored or stored and on what waterways it will be operated would not usually form part of a lending application or conditions of a finance contract. The loan would be offered and approved based on aspects of the applicant and details of the actual goods being purchased not how and where those goods would be used. Where the vessel will be operated, on what types of waterway being off shore, riverine or inland, and where a vessel is moored or stored when not in operation, would form part of the application for insurance purposes. The insurance policy may include conditions or restrictions around where it can be used. If a vessel was damaged or stolen when used outside of the policy conditions and the insurer refused payout, the borrower/owner would still be liable for the lending commitments. In that circumstance, the place of operation would be of interest to the lender.

Can I get boat loans Sydney before I actually buy a boat?   

Yes. Pre-approved loans are available across the full spectrum of marine finance products. A pre-approved loan is applied for and processed based on either a dollar amount that the borrower considers they may pay for their vessel or on a possible actual vessel. It would need to be advised if the buyer was considering a new or used craft as the age and condition will have an impact on lending conditions. The process for pre-approved lending is very straightforward. The same application form is used, the lender processes the application to the stage of approval. The buyer then knows they have approval to spend that amount on their vessel. When a sale is completed, the lending details are completed with the specific details of the vessel.

Will boat finance Sydney cover the entire purchase price of the boat?   

The entire purchase price of a vessel can be included in many lending contracts. This is referred to as no deposit finance and is a widely-adopted practice in the lending sector. Borrowers borrow 100% of the purchase price in their loan and can often also include additional equipment and gear and upgrades to optional packs and accessories. Individual lenders will have their own guidelines around the total amount of funding they will extend to individual borrowers. If they assess the applicant unsuitable for that amount, being the full purchase price, they may request the total financial amount be reduced. With older vessels, the price to value ratio will be considered by the lender. It should be noted that by borrowing 100% of the purchase price, immediately on settlement, the borrower would owe more than the price value as interest, fees and charges would be included in the finances. 

How can I get estimates on repayments to finance boats in Sydney?   

Loan repayment estimates can easily be calculated with a loan repayment calculator. These are online devices which are made available by lenders, banks and many marine sellers for use by not only their prospective customers but by the general public. These are generic devices which allow users to enter the amount they want for their finance, the interest rate offered by that lender for that category of loan and the term required to repay. The calculator performs calculations based on financial compound interest computations to deliver a monthly repayment estimate for those values. This is displayed instantly. These types of devices do not include all fees and charges nor make allowances for individual lending conditions and should always be used as a guide only.

Does boat finance Sydney cover overseas manufactured boats?   

Yes. While Australia has a highly-regarded marine manufacturing sector with many outstanding and highly reputable builders, many vessels are also imported from overseas for sale in Australia. Primarily, these are imported by authorised dealers of the international manufacturer and are approved by Australian regulatory authorities for use in local waters. These types of purchases are covered by the standard range of lending available for both personal and business borrowers. Where a vessel is being purchased by an Australian buyer directly from an international seller, finance should still be available. If purchasing in this way, the buyer may be advised to check that the vessel meets Australian marine safety and other regulations and is eligible to be registered in the state it will be operating in.

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