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*The Comparison Rate is calculated on a Secured Loan of $30,000 fixed for a term of 5 years, new goods, effective 28/05/2022 and subject to change. WARNING: The Comparison Rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different comparison rate.

Why Use Jade Marine Specialists

Each month Jade deliver in excess of millions of dollars in finance all over Australia. Have a skilled professional broker that will look after your marine loan right from approval to settlement. Having personal one-on-one service you are provided with among the best finance to be found together with speedy process.

Why be restricted to merely leasing and consumer financial options which your bank provides you with.

Have all those questions you should know answered.

We check lenders approval criteria and income preferences prior to the application is actually submitted.

Get approved in as fast as 20 minutes!

This is a job we do everyday!

We can assist those for boat loan with bad credit. We work as a mediator between yourself and the finance companies.

Sourcing The Best Rates and Packages

An industry specialist Jade consultant will provide you with any specific information you require with simple steps for a easy cheap loan package experience. With millions of dollars in lending established at Jade each month we understand banks, their best interest rates, the way they approve and we do all the work for you!

We are a well established leader in marine lending for cheap easy boat loans with numerous valued clients often return to use our services again. Read through some of their own - Customer feedback.

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Berthing and Mooring Costs

Where you are going to moor, berth or store your boat is an issue we advise buyers to consider at the time of purchase.

For trailer boats, you need to consider if you can park your trailer either on your own property or if it is legal to park the trailer on the street. Alternatively, some people choose to rent storage in commercial storage vehicles. Both under-cover and open facilities are available and worth considering.

Berthing costs vary widely from marina to marina, depending on location, quality of facilities and the size of the boat. A phone around your marinas of choice will reveal costs and availability in your area.

Moorings offer a less expensive alternative to a marina berth but come with downsides. You will require a means of getting from shore to your mooring, which may mean investing in a dinghy if the marina does not have a service. Also, moorings in are often in short supply on some waterways and you may have to go on a waiting list.

Dry storage is available in some areas and is a great option for some owners. Consider the cost against what you will save in hull maintenance and anti fouling. You will need to be organised enough to phone ahead to have the operators take your boat out of storage and placed in the water when you want to use it and you will have to arrange some form of berthing or anchorage while using it.

Boat Loan Broker FAQs

If you’ve always sourced your loans from a bank or finance company, then using Jade as your boat loan broker may represent a new experience. Using us as your broker is different from sourcing your loan at the bank but we think a more beneficial experience. But new experiences usually come with queries and we’ve answered some of those right here in an easy to understand format. For more information, please feel free to call us 1300 000 003.

Why will a broker get me a cheaper loan?   

When you apply for a marine loan yourself you are limited to only the banks and finance companies that accessible to the public. Most brokers have access to many lenders.  These industry-only sources tend to be more negotiable on interest rates in some cases. Brokers are expert negotiators in bargaining down the interest rate which is the basis for a cheaper loan. As brokers, they are accredited with many lenders and this means we have more choices which can result in a cheaper loan than you can achieve yourself.

Is it easier to get a boat loan with a broker?   

In most cases yes. They can definitely save you a lot of time and hassle in sourcing a loan by handling the entire process for you. So in those respects they definitely make it a much easier process to get a loan. For applicants that have special requirements, a broker can make it easier to get a loan by negotiating with lenders for special considerations and loan conditions. These special requirements may include not meeting all the strict requirements as requested by most banks, having insufficient documentation for the loan application or having credit issues.

Is a broker the same as a financial advisor?   

No. The role of a finance broker is solely to source finance on behalf of clients and assist in arranging that finance, structuring loans to meet the client requirements and finalising loan contracts. It is not our role, nor are we permitted, to advise clients in regard to their personal and individual financial situations. Under ASIC rulings in regard to consumer credit, a lender such as Jade is not permitted to advise clients to accept or not a loan quote.The role of a financial advisor is to provide specific advice and direction to individuals and businesses around their individual circumstances. They may be a licensed financial advisor, accountant, lawyer or a business’s financial officer or similar persons.

Can individuals and a business use a broker?   

Both individuals and businesses can use finance broker services. It is a misconception that a finance broker is only available to businesses and high wealth individuals. Individuals of all income and wealth levels and profiles are able to use broker services for finance. In many cases, individuals with credit issues and other special requirements can benefit significantly by engaging the services of a finance broker to assist in sourcing a loan.

How is a finance boats broker different from a finance company?   

Brokers are essentially the conduit that provides access financing for individuals and businesses. They are not a bank or a finance company as they do not hold funds or extend credit. They arrange the finance on behalf of the customer. A finance company, non-bank lender and banks are the actual lenders. Brokers are accredited with lenders which gives them the lender’s approval to approach them to source finance on behalf of their clients. They are required to be licensed and the more highly-regarded and experienced will have multiple accreditations with many lenders. This allows them more choices to source the cheapest finance for customers.

What boats do boat loan brokers source finance for?   

Some may specialise in certain areas but in general, most will source lending for the full range of watercraft and vessels for both recreational use such as fishing, cruising, water skiing etc by private buyers and commercial work by marine businesses such as tenders, research vessels, tugs and other working vessels. The craft may be new or used and purchased direct from the manufacturer, from an authorised dealer representing a manufacturer, a general dealer or via a private seller. The watercraft may be Australian-made or imported from overseas.

What loans does a boat finance broker offer?   

A wide range of loan types are available for both private buyers and business purchasers. For private buyers the Secured Loan is the most popular choice of financing. The vessel is used as security against the loan and the borrower repays in equal monthly repayments over a fixed lending term. Where the craft is not available for security, an Unsecured Personal Loan is available. This may have a fixed or variable interest rate and has fixed repayment term. Business buyers have a choice of a number of commercial finance facilities with Chattel Mortgage the most popular. They also offer a range of general business financing and credit options. Some will work across multiple sectors including marine, motor vehicles and business equipment.

Is a boat loan broker the same as a boat broker?   

No. A marine broker handles sales while the other handles the finance side of the sale. On the finance side, they arrange the lending for the customer. A marine brokerage is a business which sells vessels either as a dealer for specific brands or on consignment for people looking to sell. They also source vessels for buyers. If a buyer is searching for a specific type or model, they will use their connections to source that vessel, often Australia-wide. In that way they are similar in the way they operate, using Australia-wide connections to source customers the solution they require. But one handles buying and selling while the other handles financing.

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