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*The Comparison Rate is calculated on a Secured Loan of $30,000 fixed for a term of 5 years, new goods, effective 14/04/2021 and subject to change. WARNING: The Comparison Rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different comparison rate.

Calculate Boat Loan Repayments


Stop dreaming about that new water craft, jetski, dinghy or charter vessel and take action on making it happen! Use our online calculator to get an estimate on repayments for the vessel of your dreams.

The repayment calculator is a great initiative, which we have installed to meet the needs of our customers and allow you to get a ballpark estimate on a loan at any time, from anywhere you are connected.

From your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile you can quickly and easily calculate the repayments and other details of a loan on a range of marine craft.

Using the calculator is private and confidential, no need for long, time-consuming phone calls with the bank, avoiding those intrusive personal questions just to get a rough idea of what you might be up for by taking out a loan for a water craft.


Calculate Boat Loan Repayments & Schedule

Your Monthly Repayment:

Total Number of Repayments
Total Interest Paid
Balance Remaining

Using our boat finance and boat loan calculator is convenient but please remember: It is designed as a tool to provide an estimated loan repayment based on general information. The figure you receive does not in any way, imply a boat loan offer, a definite quote or an approval for your boat loan. Some banks and lenders may apply fees and charges to your specific watercraft and the loan amount you enter does not allow for such charges. To ensure all your costs are covered, add extra to the loan amount to cover insurance, warranties, dealer delivery expenses etc.

The calculator is set-up to provide a rough estimate of credit amounts over set repayment periods. Your actual repayments may be lower or higher than this estimate.

Interest-only finance are not to be estimated with this calculator. It is designed for standard boat loans and lease finance where the formulae includes monthly repayments of the loan and interest.

The calculations are made by formulating the interest over the same monthly schedule for the term selected.

To receive a firm and accurate quote, repayment amount and accurate interest rate, you will need to speak with a Jade consultant. This calculator is a useful resource for calculating estimates for varying amounts but is not intended to be the only basis for your financial decision-making. For professional advice, consider speaking with a financial advisor.

Vary the interest rate

You can adjust the interest rates from 5% to 17.95% in the calculator and see how the repayments change. If you are unfamiliar with current new and used boat loans rates, our consultants will give you all that information at the discussion stage.

Adjust the term of the loan

Terms of loans can vary from 12 months up to 7 years for some structured marine loans. Most commercial loan products have a 48 month or 60 month term, so if you are considering a charter or commercial vessel purchase, you can play around the loan term on the calculator to see which level best suits your cash flow scenario.

Options to add a balloon

May loan products include a residual or balloon payment which is payable at the end of the credit term. This is a percentage of the original loan total and can vary from as little as 10% to say 30-40%. The higher the residual, the lower the monthly repayments but you will pay more interest.

Be mindful that the finance calculator only handles interest rates and residuals. It does not take into account fees and charges associated with loans, as these can vary between lenders.


How Do We Get These Interest Rates So Cheap?

Great selection of lenders and many Loan Products at our disposal!

Jade Finance has at its disposal many lenders with loads of loan products that we can source. This gives you some of the best range of lending options in the market.

We operate nationwide with and lucky to have so many experienced loan consultants over many different finance products.


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