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28 May Today's
best rate
Finance Boats From
4.79 %
With a low
6.05 %
*The Comparison Rate is calculated on a Secured Loan of $30,000 fixed for a term of 5 years, new goods, effective 28/05/2022 and subject to change. WARNING: The Comparison Rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different comparison rate.

Compare Jade Best Secured Rates With Major Lenders

Comparing the market for your boat loan to get a better deal?  Use our comparison tool to see how Jade compares with what’s on offer across the lending market. Enter your preferred loan and term and the calculator will instantly reveal the repayment estimate.

Loan Amount
Loan Term
Secured Boat Loan
4.79% Secured
6.05% Comparison
Monthly repayment
Variable Rate Loans
13.50% Variable
14.37% Comparison
Monthly repayment
Variable Personal Loan
12.99% Variable
13.86% Comparison
Monthly repayment
Variable Rate Loans
12.69% Variable
13.56% Comparison
Monthly repayment
St George
Fixed Rate Personal Loans
11.49 % Fixed
12.57% Comparison
Monthly repayment
Fixed Rate Loan
7.79% Fixed
8.39% Comparison
Monthly repayment
Fixed Rate Loans
11.99% Fixed
13.15% Comparison
Monthly repayment
Variable Rate Loan
11.89% Variable
12.15% Comparison
Monthly repayment
Lender Product Name Advertised Rate Comparison Rate Monthly Repayment
Jade Secured Boat Loan 4.79%Secured 6.05%
CBA Variable Rate Personal Loan 13.50%Variable 14.37%
ANZ Variable Personal Loan 12.99%Variable 13.86%
NAB Variable Rate Personal Loan 12.69%Variable 13.56%
St George Fixed Rate Personal Loan 11.49 %Fixed 12.57%
Suncorp Fixed Rate Personal Loan 7.79%Fixed 8.39%
Westpac Fixed Rate Personal Loans 11.99%Fixed 13.15%
CUA Variable Rate Personal Loan 11.89%Variable 12.15%
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Disclaimer: Calculations are based on a secured personal loan $30,000 5 years at a fixed interest rate. To be used as a comparison guide only as the interest rate you achieve on your loan may vary from the rates indicated. Not all loan fees and charges applied by individual lenders and banks are included in the calculations. The repayments you are offered on your specific loan may vary from what is displayed. Use of this comparison tool is not an indication of a loan offer, loan approval or loan application.

Jade Boat Loans provides affordable, attractive and accessible finance solutions to enable individuals to buy their dream boat. As Australia’s leading marine lending specialists, we’re experts in sourcing the cheapest boat loans to ensure your boat owning dream becomes a reality.

As professional finance brokers, we work for you, negotiating the best boat loan from our wide network of lender contacts.

A Secured Personal Boat Loan is the most popular type of loan for purchasing many types of boats. If you’re considering a family runabout, sports fisher, sailing boat or racing yacht or a top of the range, fully decked out luxury cruiser, we can source the best value loan for ou.

Key Features of Secured Boat Loans

  • All our loans are based on our signature Jade low interest rates
  • We use our negotiating prowess and bargaining power to get you the cheapest rate on your boat loan
  • The interest rate is fixed for the term of the loan
  • Fixed monthly repayments. Your Jade consultant will discuss your financial goals and structure the loan with a repayment that fits with your budget
  • The payments and term of the loan are fixed
  • If your financial situation changes and you choose to pay off your boat loan faster, you can make additional payments
  • If you choose to finalise the loan before the end of the loan term, a secured boat loan attracts minimal ‘break fees’
  • As the title implies, the lender uses the watercraft as collateral, or security, over the loan. This security is registered and once you have finalised all the payments, this security is released.
  • Some lenders may have age restrictions on the boats they will finance. But Jade Boat Loans have the expertise and connections to know which companies will offer the best deal on the boat you are purchasing
  • Available for both new and used boat purchases
  • Available for most types of vessels, dependent on individual lender guidelines

The easiest way to know how a Secured Loan will work for the boat you want to purchase is to call us. You will be designated a Jade consultant who will handle your application, source you a quote for your boat loan and on acceptance of our quote, will handle the paperwork and even liaise with the seller if you desire.

Can’t wait? Head over to our online boat loan calculator for a ballpark figure on your boat loan or ask for a fast approvals process to get you onto the water quickly.

Speak with a Jade Consultant to discuss a financing solution for your boat purchase. Call 1300 000 003

Secured Boat Loan FAQs

Secured Boat Loans are the most popular type of loan for most boat purchases. The loans offered by Jade follow a standard loan format but are individually sourced. So if the information on our web page didn’t address all the detail you need to proceed, hopefully we have covered that right here. As all our loan applications are treated individually, please contact us for a quick quote on your specific requirements. For a no-obligation conversation call 1300 000 003.

What is a secured boat loan?   

A Secured Marine Loan has a very straightforward format. The lender accepts the boat as security against the loan and the borrower repays the loan in equal monthly repayments over the agree loan term. This type of loan is set at a fixed interest rate and has fixed repayments and a fixed loan term. When the loan is finalised, the lender relinquishes any claim over the vessel. This type of loan is the most commonly used form of boats used for personal use and can be used to purchase most types of boats.

Can I pay extra on my secured boat loan?   

Yes. Borrowers are permitted to make additional payments at any time throughout the loan term. These can be intermittent payments or you can choose to make regular extra payments.  By making extra payments while still maintaining the fixed repayment schedule the loan will be paid out earlier than the fixed loan term. Break fees will apply for paying out a loan early. The break fees are minimal on secured loans but should be taken into consideration when making the additional payments. In some cases any extra payments are paying forward the loan schedule repayments and therefore allow you to pause payments in line with the extra payments made. Alternatively, continue paying the regular repayments plus the extras and finalise the loan earlier and pay less interest.

What happens if I miss a boat loan repayment?   

If you miss a payment that is known as defaulting on your loan. When a borrower defaults on a secured loan, the lender could have the right to repossess the watercraft being held as security. The repossession procedure does not always commence after one missed payment. There is a process which is usually adhered to under these circumstances. It may initially involve reminders from the lender in regard to the missed payment(s) and further follow-up by phone or other means. After multiple missed payments a loan is deemed in default and repossession procedures are commenced by the lender. If you normal repayments are resumed and the missed payment made, no further action may be applied by the lender. Missed payments are usually recorded in your credit history and that will reflect negatively on your credit profile which may impact future loan applications. Fees, penalties and additional interest may also be incurred.

Will my interest rate change during the loan term?   

No secured marine loans at a fixed interest rate. The rate is based on the interest rate current at the time the loan is established and your individual application. The interest rate charged on your loan will remain at that fixed level for the full term of your loan.

Do I have to accept a quote on boat loan?   

No. Requesting a quote is not considered as an obligation or an indication to proceed with a marine loan. It is merely requesting a quote.

Jade will source you a quote for the cheapest loan that meets your requirements from across our lending panel. The quote or loan offer we present to you will be valid for a set time period.

That timeframe will be indicated when you receive the quote. You are not obligated to proceed with a formal loan application based on a quote. If you do choose to accept the quote, then your application will be officially processed.

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