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*The Comparison Rate is calculated on a Secured Loan of $30,000 fixed for a term of 5 years, new goods, effective 28/05/2022 and subject to change. WARNING: The Comparison Rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different comparison rate.

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Allow Jade arrange your purchase on finance from dealers or privately sold . Our quality choices of banks and finance companies and excellent buying power can mean you have an easy option to allowing you getting better cheap loan deal. We compare interest rates , monthly fees and negotiate a more suitable offer suitable for you.

Subject to lending industry recommendations we can assist with:

We can arrange fast approval personal and secured lending at low rates.

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Are you a good credit risk? Yet your bank has told you the interest rates will be higher just because you are buying a second hand pleasure craft? Not with Jade Finance! We source the right lenders that look at you and have options that do not penalise the interest rates because of the age of the vessel.

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Answers to Used Boat finance FAQs

Used boats can attract different loan conditions from new boats. In this section we’re providing straight forward and simple answers to some of the questions you may still have regarding sourcing a loan for a used boat. Keep in mind that every Jade Boat Loan is handled individually, both in terms of the loan application and the boat being purchased. So please reach out to us with the specifics around your boat loan application for individual responses.

Can I get a loan on a used boat?   

Most used watercraft in good condition and age will be eligible for a secured used boat loan. This applies to both power and sail boats which are purchased from a marine yard, dealer, at an auction or through a private seller. Individual lenders will have guidelines around accepting older boats and marine vessels in less than good condition as security against a secured watercraft loan. Where a lender will not accept a used marine as security for a loan, there could be available a unsecured personal loan for the purposes of purchasing a watercraft.

Is the interest rate different for new and used boats?   

With some lenders, yes it can differ. While the interest rate loans generally covers all types of boats whether new or used, the specific loan offer we source for customers is dependent on individual lender requirements. Some will apply a higher interest rate for second hand boats. The interest rate that you will offered by individual lenders is determined on the risk assessment of your individual loan application and the age and condition of the watercraft. The interest rate will differ between Secured marine Loans and Unsecured Loans as no security is available for unsecured loans.

Can I get a loan for a boat I want to restore or is damaged?   

Loans for restoration boats on older, collectible or damaged boats will be subject to individual lender requirements. If the watercraft is deemed not acceptable as security against the loan for a Secured Marine Loan, then you may choose to apply for an Unsecured Personal Loan. With unsecured loans no security is offered so the condition of the watercraft is not taken into consideration. 

Can I get my loan approved before I choose/commit to a boat?   

Yes. Pre-approved loans are available through Jade and in many cases can provide significant benefits.

The process is the same as applying for a loan except it is done based on an estimate of what you think the watercraft might cost. When you finalise the marine goods sale the loan is finalised based on the exact amount of the loan.

Having your loan pre-approved can be a good bargaining tool when negotiating price with a private seller especially. They will know you are in a position to make a quick purchase. If you are buying at auction, a pre-approved loan may be extremely important.

What is the selection of used boat loans?   

The loans suitable for second hand vessels will be in part determined by the specifications of the vessel itself. For private buyers the loan selection includes Secured Loan and Unsecured Personal Loan. Secured Finance is by far the most commonly-used lending type and is used for new goods and some second-hand goods. The watercraft is used as security against the loan. With second hand vessels, the age and condition will be taken into account when the lender assesses the lending application. In some instances with much older models, the vessel may not be accepted as security by the lender. In these cases finance is still available by way of an Unsecured Personal Loan. As the title indicates, no security is required for this type of financing. The interest rate is higher than for secured finance but can still be sourced at cheap rates through specialist marine lenders to present a cost-effective lending package.

Can I get a used boat loan if a purchase online or from a private seller?   

Loans are available for all types of watercraft and vessels, purchased from the full range of sources. This includes through marine dealers, marine brokerages, from manufacturers and from private sellers. The source of the seller should not have an impact on the pricing of finance, the suitable or approval of the applicant. The lender will assess the loan application based on the credit score and report of the applicant and the age and condition of the vessel. Private sales are usually for second hand vessels. Both Secured Finance and Unsecured Personal Loans are available for privately acquired and online purchases.

Are no deposit loans available for used boat financing?   

In general terms, no deposit finance is available across all types of lending, but there may be exceptions. No deposit finance refers to including 100% of the purchase price of the lending amount. Borrowers often also include additional equipment, gear and optional upgrades in the finance package as well. In regard to second hand vessels, the lender will be closely evaluating the market value of the vessel and the purchase price and the ratio of the lending amount requested to the market value. If the amount of the finance requested, being the full purchase price, does not meet individual lender guidelines, a request may be made for the buyer to reduce the financial amount requested. Alternatively, additional security against the finance may be requested to be provided by way of personal property of assets. For a specific answer the details of the vessel would need to be discussed with a lender or broker.

What is the process for financing a used boat?   

The loan application process for older models is the same as for new models. The buyer can decide whether to arrange their own finance by approaching a bank or finance company directly or engaging the services of a marine broker to handle the entire process. As a pre-application step, buyers can use finance repayment calculators to get rough estimates of repayments for vessels they are considering. A loan quote can then be requested either online or over the phone. Where the quote is accepted, the full application process is carried out. Information around the applicant’s financial situation, debts, assets, employment and residential status is requested as well as details of the vessel. The lender or broker will then process the application through approval of the finance package. When this all accepted by the borrower, settlement is arranged. That is the final stage when the lender pays the seller for invoiced price and the borrower takes delivery of the goods.

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