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Yacht, Sailboat & Houseboat Finance

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Yacht Finance & Sailboat Loans

Looking to purchase your dream yacht or sailboat and need affordable boat financing? Jade Boat Loans is a specialised marine lending broker, catering Australia wide and can asist you with an easy and fast finan cial package. We look at all makes and models, Beneteau, Bavaria, a popular Catamaran, or even custom build vessels.


We have finance options for new or used yacht finance, purchase through a accredited marine dealer, boat broker, or privately purchased.

Simply request a online yacht quick quote or call a consultant 1300 000 003. We are happy to provide you with easy access to interest rates, loan repayments and all information required in making your yacht purchase. Need a pre approval? No problems we have fast approvals from 2 hours, just complete the online application.

Houseboat Finance

The perfect holiday vessel, or a weekend getaway Jade can assist with Houseboat Finance. Competitive lending packages available from banks and marine loan companies. New and used houseboats are ok, purchase from dealers, boat brokers or privately we have options available.

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FAQs: Yachts, Sailing Boats, House Boats

Boat loans have some standard features and some conditions and features vary according to the type of boat and its condition. In this section, we’re addressing questions around some types of boats with general answers. But remember, as part of our personalised service, every boat loan application received at Jade Boat Loans is quoted on an individual basis. So to get a firm quote on your boat loan, please submit an obligation-free enquiry via email or call us to discuss.

Can I get a loan for a houseboat?   

Yes. Jade offers loans for all types of boats including houseboats. Houseboat purchased for private use can be acquired with a Secured Loan.

This is a standard format loan with the lender using the houseboat as collateral or security against the loan. The borrower repays the loan in equal monthly instalments over the fixed loan term.

Secured Houseboat Loans are arranged at a fixed interest rate. If the houseboat is not offered as security for the loan, Jade can source an offer for an Unsecured Houseboat Loan.

For businesses purchasing houseboats for their business, Jade offers the full range of commercial finance facilities.

Is there a difference between yacht and power boat loans?   

While the loan offer is derived based primarily on the attributes of the borrower’s application and the lender’s assessment of the borrower’s credit profile and ability to repay the loan, the type of watercraft is taken into consideration. Individual lenders do have preferences as to which loan type they will offer for sailing boats.

For the smaller sized sailing boats, many of our lenders tend to prefer Unsecured Personal Loans which can be offered up to $50,000. We have detailed the features of this type of loan in our web pages so please refer for all the specifics.

Can I get a loan for a small sailboat?   

Most likely yes. The length of a vessel does not determine eligibility for a secured loan. Jade and our individual lenders do have minimums in terms of the loan amount for our marine loans.

So a small sailboat will be deemed eligible if the purchase price or amount of the loan is above that threshold. When purchasing a sailing vessel or yacht, borrowers can consider including the cost of the sails and other equipment in the overall loan amount.

If the small sailboat is trailerable, the trailer can also be included in the total loan amount. Speak with a Jade consultant about our minimum loan thresholds for loans and if your watercraft is eligible.

Can I get a yacht loan if I’m planning to sail out of Australian waters?   

Jade handles all boat loan applications on an individual basis. So your sailing plans would be considered in the initial application conversations. To meet our Secured Loan application requirements you would need to be a resident of Australia and show proof of financial resources to repay the loan.  If you are planning to take out a loan and then leave the country for an extended period that would be an issue that should be included in your application. If you have set up a process to make the loan repayments while away and the repayments are made in accordance with the loan conditions, there should be no issues.

Does a houseboat come under a boat loan or a home loan?   

Good question! From Jade's point of view, we consider houseboats as eligible for secured equipment loans. Home loans are for fixed property and boats can move location and are therefore not fixed. Regardless of houseboats that are secured permanently in the one location.

As a general rule, most houseboats would be financed under a Secured Loan. This loan type is suitable for most models and sizes of houseboats that will be used for personal activities and uses. Individual lenders will assess the suitability of older houseboats to be used as security against the loan. If deemed not suitable, an Unsecured Houseboat Loan may suit your purposes.

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